What can you do?

Letter to Age UK CEO (at the bottom, if you would prefer this in a email, please contact us)

If you are a pensioner please copy, date and sign this letter and send by registered post to Tom Wright, CEO at AgeUK.  Otherwise please feel free to compose your own letter stating why you oppose fracking and include the following quote by Jenny Ross:
“Just returned from a brilliant talk by Ian R Crane about why fracking urgently needs to be stopped. It’s a real head-turner when you hear an industry professional talk about the dangers from a place of unquestionable credibility. He said many illuminating things to us about the fact that industry is unregulated, how oil companies work to buy people off in this lifetime, who then don’t think about the impact on future generations, but for me his greatest argument was simply this: once the huge volumes of water needed to frack a well (104 x an olympic-sized swimming pool per well) are poisoned they can never go back into the water cycle. We as an island cannot operate with water taken out of our supply. We would be left with no water to drink. No water to farm our lands because the soil will be unusable through contamination. This has already happened to people in Texas. People cannot afford to ignore the risks of this industry, because the price of poisoned water is too high to pay. We must come together to fight it because we have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Cameron can talk about jobs and money to councils until he is blue in the face. If you lose water you lose everything. Water is life”

Senders Address

Tom Wright
Chief Executive
Tavis House
1-6 Tavistock Square

Dear Mr. Wright,

I am writing to voice my opinions on the issue of Fracking and coal bed methane extraction that are to take place not just in my area, Manchester, but all over the country. 176 licenses have already been awarded in the UK and two-thirds are now up for license. It is an issue of grave concern.

My fears as a pensioner are that our water will be so contaminated it will be impossible to drink; dangerous chemicals will be left in the ground and they are not degradable; earth tremors, as happened in Blackpool, will damage my property and I am not in a position to pay for repairs; the future health of my grandchildren will be compromised. The government have no policy in place to dispose of the toxic water used in fracking and 50% of the 649-chemical strong mix is left locked underground, posing serious risk to our aquifers. Not only that but 104 Olympic sized swimming pools’ worth of water are used in the process and can not be put back into the water cycle, as has happened in Texas, USA, this has meant no water left to drink or farm the lands with. The industry will profit the few but pose such a dire risk to so many I felt I must urge you to speak out on this matter. Water is a fundamental. Water is life. We must act as one to oppose fracking wherever it is set to take place in the UK.

I know a lot of my peers are concerned and would like to see the government follow a policy of renewables, not fossil fuels. As older people we all feel powerless to prevent what we see as an assault not only on the Earth but to the rights of people. We also feel that an organisation that campaigns for the benefits of older people is the only way we can express our fears.

Could I, therefore, please ask if you could ballot your members and support us on this important issue?

Yours sincerely,


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