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GMP Vigil-22nd March-12pm Vanda Violently Assaulted and Remanded


Update:18th March 16:30
Vanda has been remanded into custody for seven days following an accusation from GMP she had allegedly assaulted a police officer. Footage clearly shows Vanda, herself BEING assaulted and yet one of the officers involved in her arrest in back on the front line at Barton moss this morning.

Mainstream Media-listen up! You NEED to start reporting the TRUTH.

After the shocking footage of Vanda’s assault yesterday at Barton Moss reported here by Salford Star. Which I can verify shows a police officer punching her in the stomach, smashing her head into the floor, applying illegal pressure holds and strangleholds on her. Please try and attend this vigil on Saturday at 12pm midday outside Swinton Police Station.

Please sign this petition requesting an enquiry into the policing at Barton Moss:

The appalling assault can be seen here:

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