UPDATED-Mother and Ex-Serviceman Unlawfully Arrested on Peaceful Childrens Day walk


A mother and a Fireman and ex-serviceman have both been unlawfully arrested in a spate of new arrests on the footpath at Barton Moss Protection Camp. Today was designated ‘Childrens Day’ due to the half term holiday and a range of activities to include the children in the march and enable families to support the camp. It seem GMP have taken this opportunity to make an example of peaceful protest and arrest the quiet and vulnerable.


After speaking to the arrested man, Steve,  following his release from Swinton Police Station where a vigil is held by protestors each evening, we correct the misquote from previous version below-

The words our ex-serviceman and local fireman said to the police as he was waiting for a prison van were ‘I feel like I am doing more to protect my country now than I ever did in the army Armed Forces

I know Steve personally and he asked me to post this to clarify his background –

“I served nine and a half years in the Military, the first six and and a half were with the Royal Navy and the last three were with a specialist Army unit called 148 Commando Battery, who’s main role was Naval Gunfire Support in small forward observation teams, my role was as radio operator. I completed All Arms Commando Course run by the Royal Marines in 1996 to earn my Green Beret and Commando Dagger, followed by a ‘Jumps’ course at RAF Brize Norton to earn my Parachute Wings. So, in a sentence – I was a sailor, working as a soldier, trained by the Royal Marines and the RAF. Not a lot of people know about 148 Battery, hence all the confusion (even amongst my friends, as I rarely talk about my time in the military). I did an operational tour of Bosnia as a peace keeper just before I left the military, hence the Former Yugoslavia medal, and I’m proud to have never fired a shot in anger during my whole service. The two jubilee medals were for public service, everybody got them ‘just for turning up’. I have never worn my medals on my uniform. Barton Moss was the first ever time, and I honestly do not and care not for the order in which they should go, nor how untidy my 18 year old army T-Shirt is. I’m quite ambivalent about what the Military has become due to the poor way in which our injured soldiers are treated on return and also the devastation it causes to the lives of innocent people around the world. It’s very hard to say that today due to the jingoistic discourse from our leaders and the main stream media, but I am not, and never have been afraid to stand up and be counted. I’m currently a firefighter and the gold medal was won at the World Police and Fire Games (A kind of Police and Firefighters Olympics). I have two more golds and a silver but thought it would be ‘showing off’ to wear them all. My choice of dress and medals on display at Barton Moss was purely symbolic, hoping to raise more awareness of the Anti Fracking Campaign and also to show how diverse the group of people are, who give up their time and exercise their right to protest against this abomination, that has the potential to poison all our water courses, just as it has done in the USA and other countries around the world. I would like to think that I have raised the profile of the Anti Fracking Movement, but it has come at a personal cost to me and I still may have to face some, as yet unknown consequences for my actions. I’ve also copped for a bit of stick, but I suppose that goes with the territory. I am who I am, I’ve done what I’ve done and I’ll continue to do what I do – Stand up and be counted, with my integrity intact”.

See the story unfold hereImage


16 thoughts on “UPDATED-Mother and Ex-Serviceman Unlawfully Arrested on Peaceful Childrens Day walk

  1. I would check the “serviceman” He is wearing a Navy Beret Badge, a Royal Marine Beret and claims he is protecting more now that when he was in the Army. The Royal Marines are in the Navy . Walter Mitty comes to mind.

      1. I wouldn’t imagine for one second that anyone from the Royal Navy would ever describe themselves as being ‘Army’, nor would I ever describe myself as being Navy or RAF. Perhaps the reporter is ad libbing.

    1. He’s wearing a tri services t shirt, looks like 148 Commando. They have gunners from the Royal Artillery (Army), Signallers (Royal Navy), and are part of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. All undergo the all arms commando course (hence the beret) and are parachute trained (I bet he’s wearing wings on his arm!). The Royal Navy cap badge in a commando beret would suggest a Navy Signaller but I could be wrong.

    2. He appears to be wearing Northern Ireland issue gloves to prevent recoil damage to knuckles from holding weapon on street corners for balance , do you think he is a para sharpshooter too Gregg? Some of us have them because they are safe, warm and protective and similarly so for bitch slapping tossers whoo try to distact from the real fracking issue!

    3. Why not check out his reply Greg Hall and maybe understand that your knowledge of the Military doesn’t run deep enough for you to make such slanderous accusations.

    1. It’s not a commando cap badge Eddie, the Royal Marines cap badge has a globe and laurel with crown above, totally different. He is wearing a Navy junior ratings cap badge in a commando beret. As previously mentioned he is also wearing a 148 Commando t shirt. As 148 are a joint service unit with both Army and Navy personnel it would be normal for him to retain his own cap badge with a commando beret. There is nothing ‘untoward’ in this photograph Greg, everything he is wearing/displaying adds up. If you check the ARRSE website you will see many examples of real ‘Walts’ who frankly don’t have the brain cells to get even the basics correct (the SAS ‘hero’ at the remembrance service being a prime example….)

  2. 148 (Meiktila) Commando Forward Observation Bty is a specialist Naval Gunfire Support Forward Observation (NGSFO) unit within 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines.48 Bty’s FSTs comprise gunners of the Royal Artillery, already qualified members of the regiment when posted into the battery, augmented by Royal Navy communications personnel (signallers) who are required to undergo the All Arms Commando Course. All personnel within the battery are also parachute trained.

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