Public Enquiry Needed-Barton Moss Protectors vs GMP

Helen Chuntso Barton Moss Protector

>>>>People need to be aware of the truth of the policing at Barton Moss. Enough of these trumped up charges, violent arrests and bail conditions which are annoying even the judges!
GMP are operating outside the law at Barton Moss and there is video evidence to prove it.
Any suggestion that they are “facilitating peaceful protest” is laughable. 1500 marched this sunday with NO police intervention. As soon as its delivery day- out come the apparent arrest quotas and TAU in extremis.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that their orders are to destroy the camp by use of intimidation, arbitrary and groundless arrests, physical assault and fabrication of evidence.

They are doing this to peaceful protesters who have NOT ONCE acted in violence towards them.
If they can do this to them, they can do it to anybody.

They can do it to you. Sign the petition<<<<


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